Replacing Paywall in Campaign Rules


Use Case

You created a paywall and assigned it to several campaign rules. Now you want to edit all those campaign rules to use a new paywall. Use the Replace function to swap the old paywall with a new one.


Replacing Paywall is only available on Enterprise plans. Contact Sales for a demo.

  1. Find old paywall to be replaced

  2. Click 'Settings'

  3. Click 'Replace' next to the list of campaigns

    1. If the paywall doesn't belong to a campaign, this button won't appear

  4. Pick a new paywall

  5. Click 'Replace'

  6. The old paywall will be replaced with the new one in all campaigns. This means the old paywall will no longer be served to users and the new one will now show up.


Replacing Paywalls in A/B Test

If your current paywall is in an A/B or multivariate test, the new paywall will replace it in all campaigns. Therefore your new paywall may be in all or multiple campaign segments.