Requested product is not available for purchase

One of the most common errors you might encounter implementing Google Play Billing is BillingResponseCode.ITEM_UNAVAILABLE (code 4). The corresponding message from the BillingClient API is frustratingly vague:

Requested product is not available for purchase

Solving the Problem

Fortunately, this error is solved easily by checking the following:

  • Add your app to a Test Track - Make sure your app has been uploaded to Play Console at least once.
    Only active products can be bought - Make sure the in-app purchase or subscription product is active in Play Console.
  • Add Google accounts to the Test Track - Add approved testers to the internal, alpha, or beta test tracks. Testers added to the list, must also join the test via the link surfaced in the test section in your Play Console.
  • Add Google accounts to Setup > License Testing - This allows testers to make purchases using test credit cards to avoid actual charges.
  • Check the Google Play Account on Device - the Play app allows you to sign in to multiple accounts. Make sure the one added in step 3 and 4 above is the active account signed in before attempting the test purchase.


Google Play Billing Made Easy

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