Overview of different roles for accounts in the Control Center.

Roles Overview


Roles are available on Enterprise plans.

Non-Enterprise plans only have the Admin role.

The Nami platform offers a few different roles for users.

AdminAdmins have access to all functionality in the Control Center.
SupportAccounts with the Support role only have access to the Customers screen in the Control Center.
ViewerThis role has access to view all screens in the Control Center, but is not able to make any changes.
DeveloperThis role has access to selected Engineering screens in the Control Center, but cannot view Metrics or Customers.
Paywall ManagerThis role has access to all paywalls and campaigns
FeatureAdminSupportViewerDeveloperPaywall Manager
View InsightsYYY
Filter, Segment, Download InsightsYY
View PlacementsYYYYY
Create, Edit, Delete PlacementsYY
View CampaignsYYYYY
Create, Edit, Delete CampaignsYY
View PaywallsYYYYY
Create, Edit, Delete PaywallsYY
View EntitlementsYYYY
Create, Edit, Delete EntitlementsYY
View ProductsYYYY
Create, Edit, Delete ProductsYY
View Customers screenYYYY
Filter Customer screenYYYY
View individual Customer recordsYYYY
View Developer screenYYYY
Filter Developer screenYYYY
View IntegrationsYYYYY
Create, Edit, Delete IntegrationsYY
View AppsYYYYY
Create, Edit, Delete AppsY
Edit OrgY
Invite Team MembersY
View Store CredentialsYYYY
Edit Org Store CredentialsY
Create, Edit Org Security PoliciesY
View API TokensYYY
Create, Delete API TokensYY
View Org Brand SettingsYYYY
Create, Edit, Delete Org Brand SettingsYY
View Organization BillingYY
Edit Organization BillingY


Nami can create a custom role with granular access to almost any capability in the Control Center.

Contact [email protected] if you'd like to create a custom role for your account.

Changing an Account's Role

You can set an account's role when you invite them to your organization. See this guide on inviting team members.

Admins can also change the role of an existing Team Member.

  1. Go to the Org Settings screen, click on the Team tab, and then the Edit button next to the Team Member you wish to update.
  1. Use the dropdown to select a new Role and click Update Team Member.