Simple Paywall Template is only available on Paid Plans.


Upload your own Design

This paywall supports uploading your own image for the design. This paywall template has been specially designed for a large background image and 1 product button at the bottom.

See this Figma file for design specs around the paywall image.

Available Components

  • Product Buttons (1 max)
  • Close Button icon
  • Sign In Button
  • Restore Button
  • Background Color
  • Background Image (Full-Size)
  • Combined Legal

Product Display

  • Display Text - Supports Smart Text variables
  • Subtext - Supports Smart Text variables

Available Styles


Version 4

:star:Current Version, released 9/16/2023

Minimum SDK Version: 3.1.7

Version 3

Release Date: 5/5/2023

Minimum SDK Version: 3.0.6