SKError Code Unknown

SKError Code Unknown

This StoreKit SKError code indicating an unknown error occurred.

One fix recommended by Apple is to sign out and sign back in to the App Store or iTunes if this happens in production.

If it happens in development, try creating a new App Store Connect test user.


Nami Customers

Nami leverages official StoreKit APIs, but takes care of the implementation details. Depending on your Nami SDK log level, you may see some messages from StoreKit such as this one. If creating a new App Store Connect test user doesn't eliminate the SKError Code Unknown message, please reach out to support.


Future proof your StoreKit implementation with Nami

With Nami, we manage the StoreKit implementation and you get to focus on your app. Our SDK abstracts StoreKit, handles server-side receipt validation, and much more. No server-side code is required and the client SDK is extremely easy to adopt. Our generous free tier provides reasonable limits and lots of features not found in homegrown implementations.