Supported Purchase Change States by Platform

The Nami SDK allows you to make a callback when there is a change to the status of a purchase. This allows your app to easily react to purchases and take appropriate actions. For more details on how to react to a purchase, head over to this guide.

In the callback to react to a purchase, you will also receive a purchaseState. All store platforms work slightly differently, so this page has a list of all possible states, which platforms they are supported on, and a definition to help you interpret the state.

Purchase Change State




This state occurs when the user starts a purchase and then cancels it before completing it.

  • Apple


The user started a purchase, but it failed.

  • Android
  • Apple


This state occurs when the user has started a purchase flow but the purchase has not been completed.

  • Apple


The product SKU was successfully purchased.

  • Android
  • Apple

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