Understanding Paywall Templates and Components

Learn the different template components and which templates they are available in

The Nami Paywall Creator uses components as building blocks to construct paywalls. Each template has a different collection of component building blocks.

Component Overview

Title TextThe main text on your paywall. Optional
Body TextSupporting text on your paywall. Optional
ListA stack of text items. Optional

Some templates include an icon next to list items.
Product ButtonsThese are your in-app purchases. Each one is a button that starts the purchase process. Each paywall must include at least one purchase product.

Paywall templates often restrict the number of product buttons available.
Product DisplayEach Product has a number of Display text fields attached that can be used to display information about the product.

Some fields can have Smart Text variables inserted.

Depending on the template, some fields support Featured Styling (applied with the Featured switch is toggled on for the product), and/or Selected styling (applied when the user selects a product to purchase)
Product Button BadgeAn element that is attached to 1 or more products to draw the user's eye. Optional
Purchase ButtonA button that triggers the purchase process for the Selected product. Not every template supports this element.
Close ButtonA button that exits the paywall.
Sign In ButtonA button that opens your built-in Sign In logic. Optional
Restore ButtonA button that triggers the platform Restore Purchases flow. This button is not required, but is strongly encouraged for Apple users.
Purchase TermsA text field you can use to explain any legal terms on your paywall. Optional
Clickwrap TermsA short sentence articulating any legal agreements the user must agree to when purchasing.

This field is not required, but strongly encouraged.

Most purchase platforms require these documents are linked somewhere in your app but do not usually require that they are on the paywall itself.
Combined LegalA text field articulating both Purchase Terms and Clickwrap Terms (see above).

Not all templates support a combined Legal component.

This field is not required, but strongly encouraged.
Sticky FooterA special region of the paywall that sits on top of any scrolling content on the paywall. Can be used for pinning purchase buttons or legal content. Optional
Background ColorThe color used for the background of the paywall behind all other elements. Required

Gradient background color supported on some templates
Background ImageThe image used on some paywalls as a background. Optional

Different paywall templates will crop background image in different ways including full-size and header.


Here is a list of Nami's available templates. Click each link to learn more about each template and which components are available.












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