Unsupported Version of Play Billing

"We’ve detected this app uses an unsupported version of play billing"

If you received the following message from the Google Play Console, you are not alone. Google announced that by November 1, 2021 all new apps and updates to existing apps must use Billing Library version 3 or newer.

There are several steps to follow to help resolve this issue.


Nami Customers

We keep your Google Play Billing implementation current so there's nothing to do other than check that you keep our Android SDK up-to-date.


Future proof your Play Billing implementation with Nami

With Nami, we manage the Play Billing implementation and you get to focus on your app. Our SDK abstracts Play Billing library, handles server-side purchase token validation, and much more. No server-side code is required and the client SDK is extremely easy to adopt. Our generous free tier provides reasonable limits and lots of features not found in homegrown implementations.