A list of campaigns that are available to for the device.

Get back a list of NamiCampaigns that are available to the device.

Campaigns are updated upon app start. You may also manually request an update via refresh.

import 'package:nami_flutter/campaign/nami_campaign.dart';
import 'package:nami_flutter/campaign/nami_campaign_manager.dart';

List<NamiCampaign> _campaigns = [];

NamiCampaignManager.allCampaigns().then((list) {
  setState(() {
    _campaigns = list;
import {NamiCampaignManager, NamiCampaign} from 'react-native-nami-sdk';

const allCampaigns = await NamiCampaignManager.allCampaigns();
using NamiSDK;

var campaigns = NamiCampaignManager.AllCampaigns();