Class representing the state of a customer's subscription journey.

@objc public class CustomerJourneyState:NSObject, NSCoding, Codable {
  let formerSubscriber: Bool
  let inGracePeriod: Bool
  let inTrialPeriod: Bool
  let inIntroOfferPeriod: Bool
@interface CustomerJourneyState : NSObject <NSCoding>
@property (nonatomic, readonly) BOOL formerSubscriber;
@property (nonatomic, readonly) BOOL inGracePeriod;
@property (nonatomic, readonly) BOOL inTrialPeriod;
@property (nonatomic, readonly) BOOL inIntroOfferPeriod;
data class CustomerJourneyState(
  val formerSubscriber: Boolean,
  val inGracePeriod: Boolean,
  val inTrialPeriod: Boolean,
  val inIntroOfferPeriod: Boolean
CustomerJourneyState = {
  "formerSubscriber": boolean, 
  "inAccountHold": boolean, 
  "inGracePeriod": boolean, 
  "inIntroOfferPeriod": boolean, 
  "inPause": boolean, 
  "inTrialPeriod": boolean, 
  "isCancelled": boolean
class CustomerJourneyState {
  final bool formerSubscriber;
  final bool inGracePeriod;
  final bool inTrialPeriod;
  final bool inIntroOfferPeriod;
interface CustomerJourneyState : INSCoding {
  bool FormerSubscriber();
  bool InGracePeriod();
  bool InTrialPeriod();
  bool InIntroOfferPeriod();


  • formerSubscriber - Boolean - indicates if the customer had subscribed in the past.
  • inGracePeriod - Boolean - indicates the subscription has lapsed due to a payment failure where the platform is still trying to actively recover the payment method and the granted entitlements should still be active.
  • inTrialPeriod - Boolean - indicates the customer is in a free trial.
  • inIntroOfferPeriod - Boolean - indicates the customer is in an introductory offer subscription, where their current price is less than the eventual full price.