Inform the SDK when a user starts consuming content that is core to your app experience.

NamiMLManager.enterCoreContent(label: String)
NamiMLManager.enterCoreContent(label: String)
// Use version that takes List<String>
NativeModules.NamiMLManagerBridge.enterCoreContentWithLabel(label: String);



Method for Content with Hierarchies

If your content has a nested relationship between the tags, we provide a call that will allow you to inform Nami about that structure.

NamiMLManager.enterCoreContent(labels: [String])
NamiMLManager.enterCoreContent(labels: List<String>)
NamiMLManager.enterCoreContent(List<String> labels);
NativeModules.NamiMLManagerBridge.enterCoreContent(labels: [String])


  • labels a list of strings where the list is ordered by the relationship of the content, such as ["video", "basketball", "michael jordan"].