Object that contains all the data on a in-app purchase SKU for an App Platform.

public class NamiSKU: NSObject, Codable {
    public var name : String
    public var skuId : String
    public var product : SKProduct?
    public var type : NamiSKUType
data class NamiSKU internal constructor(
    val name: String,
    val skuId: String,
    val skuDetails: SkuDetails,
    val type: NamiSKUType,
class NamiSKU {
  final String? name;
  final String skuId;
  final NamiSKUType type;


  • name - The name of the product as set in the Nami Control Center
  • skuId - The in-app purchase or subscription reference ID from the App Store or Google Play
  • product - (Apple-only) additional product info from Apple StoreKit
  • skuDetails - (Google Play-only) additional product info from Google Play Billing
  • type - indicates subscription or one time purchase