React to an attempt to restore purchases.



This method is only available from the Nami SDK for Apple devices, or cross-platform SDKs being used on Apple devices.

For recommendations on where to present UI elements to your customers during a restore purchases process, see our Restoring Purchases guide.

NamiPurchaseManager.registerRestorePurchasesHandler { state, newPurchases, oldPurchases, error in
  // react to restore purchase process
// Apple-only
// Coming soon
// Coming soon
NamiPurchaseManager.RegisterRestorePurchasesHandler(restorePurchasesCallback); // Apple only


Handler has the following parameters that return data:

  • state - the NamiRestorePurchasesState, on React Native stateDesc
  • newPurchases - a list of new purchases found that will be restored in the Restore Purchases process
  • oldPurchases - a list of existing purchases already active on the device
  • error - any error returned by the Restore Purchases process