Start the process to restore any purchases not currently active on the device.

Restore replays all prior purchase transactions to determine which purchases are active. This function trigger an app store password prompt if called, so only call this at the request of the user.

Generally this is not needed if your Nami account supports purchase validation, as the receipt is checked every time the app comes to the foreground and can determine active purchases that way.

Learn more in our guide on Restoring Purchases .


Apple SDK only

This method is only available from the Nami SDK for Apple devices, or cross-platform SDKs being used on Apple devices.

Activate the system restore purchases feature. Optionally calls back to a global NamiRestorePurchasesStateHandler handler with restore state if one is provided by

// Apple-only
// Coming soon
// Coming soon
NamiPurchaseManager.RestorePurchases(); // Apple only

Activate the system restore purchases feature and call back to the provided completion handler:

NamiPurchaseManager.restorePurchases() { state, newPurchases, oldPurchases, error in
  // react to restore purchase process
// Apple-only
// coming soon
// coming soon
NamiPurchaseManager.RestorePurchases(restorePurchasesCallback); // Apple only


  • state - of the Restore purchase process
  • newPurchases - array of all purchases that are active after restore purchase process ran
  • oldPurchases - array of purchases that were active before the restore purchase process started
  • error - error returned by the restore purchase process