Start the process to restore any purchases not currently active on the device.


This process is specific to Apple devices.


There is also a version of restorePurchases available that allows you to react to the restore purchase process itself. More details on this are available in our guide on Restoring Purchases .

NamiPurchaseManager.restorePurchases() { state, newPurchases, oldPurchases, error in
  // react to restore purchase process
NativeModules.NamiPurchaseManagerBridge.restorePurchasesWithCompletionHandler((result) => {
  // react to the restore purchase process


  • state - of the Restore purchase process
  • newPurchases - array of all purchases that are active after restore purchase process ran
  • oldPurchases - array of purchases that were active before the restore purchase process started
  • error - error returned by the restore purchase process