Apple App Store Connect API

The Apple App Store Connect API can be added to Nami to enable syncing product information.

Let's step through how to find your App's App Store Connect API information and add to the Nami Control Center.

1. Login to App Store Connect

Go to App Store Connect and login.

2. Navigate to App Store Connect API credentials page

Click Users and Access > Integrations.

Select 'App Store Connect API' from the side menu.

3. Generate API Key

Click the Plus button to generate a new key. Make sure you are under Team Keys.

Provide a name for the key and App Manager access level and click 'Generate'.

4. Download API Key file

Click 'Download API Key'. It will save a Private Key file with file extension .p8 to your files. Save this file.


You only get 1 opportunity to download the API key. Once you have this key, don't lose it!

Copy the Key ID for the Private Key you just created. The Private Key and the .p8 file are a set and need to be referenced together.

5. Copy the Issuer ID

The Issuer ID is located at the top of the page. Copy it to your clipboard.

6. Add values to Nami Control Center

Open the Nami Control Center and navigate to Settings β†’ Store Credentials.

Select the 'App Store Connect API' tab under 'App Store Credentials'

Paste the Issuer ID from Step 5 into the Issuer ID field.

Paste the Key ID from step 4 into the 'Key ID' form.

Upload the Private Key file into the 'Private Key' upload.

Click Save to finish!